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Hi Alligator Families!

Below are a few reminders for our upcoming swim season. The earlier people sign up, the better!

Coaching Staff

I’m happy to say that our returning assistant coaches are Peyton, Sidney, and Brazos. This year we welcome long time Afton swimmer Hannah, to join us as well!

Year Round Swimmers

If your child is a year round swimmer, March 10th was the last day your child could practice or compete with their year round team if you are planning to come back to our league. Please be sure you have proof of your round team drop date available in case the league makes that request. An email to the team with confirmation should suffice. No matter what our personal feelings are about this rule, our team must follow the expectations. Thank you for your understanding of this league requirement.

Swim Suits

Sadly our team suit from the last two years has been discontinued. We will have a new suit available for try on and ordering during the first week of practice (May 6th-9th). Please mark that on your calendars. I believe I need to order by May 10th in order for the suits to arrive in time. We will keep this suit for 2 years, which is typically how long companies keep the suits available. If you have a suit from last year, please feel free to continue wearing that one. You do not need to purchase a new suit in order to swim in the meets. That being said, the suits are discounted since it is a team purchase.


Our registration links are now open!

Team Fees and Registration

For non-full time club members, the one-time pool use fee is: $100 per family.  This allows you to use the pool at any time during the swim team season which ends on June 24th.

Team Participation Fee for the 2019 Season for each child is:

  • Ages 4 – 10: $85 (or $100 for non-full time club members)
  • Ages 11 – 15: $75
  • Ages 16 – 18: $25

To register for the swim team, members click this link: Swim Team Registration

To register for the swim team, non-members click this link:  Non-Member Swim Team Registration


Start Date/Practice Times

Practices will (tentatively) begin on Monday, May 6th if all goes well with the pool opening. Please see the schedule below. As a reminder, your children MUST swim with their own age group practice. There may be an occasional exception, but swimming at a different practice time cannot be a daily occurrence. I say this to keep things fair across the team. Thank you for your cooperation.

Eligibility Form 2019

Afternoon Practice (Monday – Thursday) 5/6 – 5/23
Beginner 6’s (Mon, Tues, and Thurs – No WEDNESDAY practice for this group) (3:30-4:00)

Monday 5/6 and Tuesday 5/7 will be Open Swim from 3:30-5:30. We will close the pool at 5:30.
Wednesday 5/8 and Thursday 5/9 will follow our regular schedule below.
Suits will be available for trying on all week!

*The kids MUST be able to keep themselves afloat and get themselves to safety to be in this beginner group. If your child is a non swimmer, please look to enroll in swim lessons instead of swim team.
Advanced 6’s – (4:00-4:30)
7 and 8 (4:30-5:15)
9 and 10 (5:15-6:00)
11 and Up (6:00-7:00)
*No Practice 5/27 Memorial Day

Morning Practice (Tuesday – Friday ) 5/28- 6/28

(*6/25-6/28 practices are for Meet of Champs swimmers only.)
Beginner 6’s -new to swimming on a team or cannot make a full length of the pool (7:30-8:00AM)
Advanced 6’s – (8:00-8:30 AM)
7 and 8 (8:30-9:15 AM)
9 and 10 (9:15-10:00 AM)
11 and Up (10:00-11:00 AM)


Meet Dates/Locations

*It is extremely helpful to have written notice for any meets that your children cannot attend. I spend a few hours planning each meet and last minute changes aren’t easy. Please try to send notice at least 3 DAYS in advance. Thanks!

**All families will need to volunteer for at least 3 sessions during swim meets.  Our team cannot run without the support of the parents.  A sign up will be sent out in May.


Thursday 6/6 – Sherwood Oaks at AFTON

Monday 6/10 – Afton at HEIGHTS

Monday 6/17 – Springboard at AFTON

Thursday 6/20 – Afton at FONN VILLAS

Sat 6/29 & Sun 6/30 – Meet of Champions (qualifying swimmers only)


Coach Kari (kari.pokrzywa@gmail.com)

SPONSOR THE ALLIGATORS! Get your logo on our shirts and be involved in the Spring Branch Community! If interested, send email to swim (at) aftonvillageswimclub.com

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